Introduction Week – Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing, Learning Activities

This week i began my studies in digital marketing to further my abilities and skill set.
So i will be writing about this from an designer and illustrator`s view on this “art” blog of mine.

This was a fun week. I got to look around and prepare well for the year to come.
I am on my third year as a web-student so i am quite familiar with Moodle and how it works (Moodle is the web learning platform used for my studies / courses).

Making a new map (i did one for my previous studies) of the digital marketing portal was quite fun, and made me feel confident in navigating the studies further down the road.

Moodle Map

What was a new experience for me however were the daily tasks. Having the week split up in smaller tidbits like this i found very helpful. I use a software called Trello for project and task management so the daily tasks makes task entry and overview a breeze.

I am quite excited to begin studying digital marketing as i think it will be a very useful skill set to have in combination with my design and Illustrative goals. Or anything else the future may bring.

Thank you for reading.