Mandatory Assignment – 04 – Design History Website.

Mandatory Assignments

dsgnstory black.png

Website :

This website is created to tell the graphic design history story from 1950 up to today.

The website must adapt to all screen types and the selected period must be easy to recognize.

It will also describe social events paralelling with the art at the time and some of the effects it had on the design and art of the different eras.

The main concept of the website is simple. It is a hubspot for design history, covering the works of artists from the 1950`s up until present time. The site should contain information on the prevalent artists from the different eras and imagery of their art and design style.

This along with a description of their lives and/or paralelling historic events that may have a great effect on what they are doing at the time.This includes counter culture, political events (good and bad), current wars being fought.Along with protests made, especially in art form.

The website should be easy to navigate and the information provided is the core of it all.


Target Audience:
The target audience is graphic design students.
Anyone interested in learning about the art history in and around the topic of graphic design. This includes students that are self taught or anyone attending an institution to learn.

Any and all imagery should be created by the web designer for the most part, at least pertaining to the design and look of the website.
However, there is no way around using imagery from the different artists described in the different sections and eras without displaying the artwork from the different periods.


Front End Web Design:
By creating wireframes i have sketched out the main feel and usability of the web site.
I am focus- ing on functionality and ease of navigation. Scaling is paramount as this will ensure usability for pads and phones as well and is a big part of this assignment.

The information should also be presented well and be eye catching, without being too glary or extravagant. Associated imagery should be clickable (lightbox style) to get a good look at the image alone. The text should be well formated and arranged to be legible above all else.


For the main framework of the web site i will add navigation up top and a small drop down menu for easy navigation to the specific time periods.

The main setup should be based on the website having a few main pages. For now i am thinking 2-3 at most and then making sure it is easy to expand it at a later date. This to be able to create for instance a mailing list or a signup spread at a later date perhaps when expanding the site.
The design history pages from the different periods will be considered sub pages under one of the main pages. They will be easily navigated with a side bar menu on the site. As well as a drop down menu in the main navigation header of the site.


My main process to begin with is always a long time spent on thinking about how i want the layout to be and how i should attack the assignment.

I then proceed to make a simple site map and some wireframes. I then spend time agonizing over finding the right domain name. It should at the very least be descriptive of what the main point of the site is and prefferably without being more than one word, two at most.

This time around i was lucky enough to find a .com name that i liked and that i felt i could work with for a long time. Namely
This is a site name i could play around with and create more assets for as time passes and the site gets updated in the future. I created a small type logo to represent te site where the S in story is in caps while the rest is in lower case. dsgnStory is a well balanced set of characters in my mind and something i think is well worth working on in the future.

With the domain and wireframe in place i proceeded to build a mockup of the site and compiling the information i need for the different sub pages and pages. Meaning the written history from the 1950`s and the different eras. I do this while at the same time tweaking and playing around with the different headers to create individuality for the different periods and pages.


Phone and Pad Support:
I developed the page with phones and pads in mind, i focused on the website scaling well and work depending on what platform it is being displayed on.In the end it looks and works well on both Computer screens and phones as well. This is due to the scalability of the content.

I did this with the use of the Squarespace engine instead of using WordPress. Even though you can use templates with great success on wordpress, the squarespace engine seems to be alot better when it comes to scaling and performance in the end.


Experiences and insights gained:
Learning about the different periods have given me a good insight into where my daily inspirations actually stems from.

Especially the Psychedelic movement were interesting to me as i learned about the style and how it affected art in accordance with music.

I love a good band poster and album art has always been of interest to me. To see that era of posters done for musicians lead me down the rabbit hole to see where a lot of the posters i had accumulated on pinterest etc as illustration inspiration stem from. Even though the “Sixties” were 25 years before i was born there is definately an aesthetic that i can see in artwork everywhere in some way.

I also remember the graffiti movement somewhat from when i was a kid and how awe inspiring it was to me to see an artistic subculture form in the urban areas.

I also found myself planning the future of the website after its completion. Leaving room for expanding and maintining the site for time to come. I belive i have created a resource that may benefit other students as well as a refference for future use in a well compiled manner.

Keeping the site up and maintaining it is something i planned for. I found tidbits around here and there but most of them were outdated or did not go deep enough into the subject matter.

The sites i found that did go deep into the history looked for the most part like an historian or an archaeologist had designed the site. This in my honest opinion made the subject matter boring to read before you even started reading it.
But that is me personally, i am a visual person.


Research and Refference Material :

Books :
Graphic Style – From Victorian to New Century – Steven Heller and Seymour Chwast.

Sites :


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